Welcome to Demonsnet BBS in (Beta)

New World Group Servers setup with the Latest version of MajorMud with all the add-ons - Tournament LORD- Blade Master – Lunatix - Farwest Trivia - Tournament (Chess, Checkers, Othello, Solitaire, Backgammon, Others)

DMA Server connection to MajorBBS Dos with the following doors running

iNFinITY CoMpLeX - Tournament Lord - FAZUUL - - Hangmans Cove - Crossroad of Elements - Androids - Farwest Trivia - Kyrandia - Swords & Sorcery - Super Lotto - Tele-Arena - Quest for Magic - Lords of Cyberspac - Super Nova - Wheel of Fame - Zorgon - Lost Caverns - Progressive Slots - World Conquest - CyberTank - Oltima 2000 - RingMasters - Trade Wars 2002 - Distant Realms - Yahtzee - The Casino - Mutants - Erotica - Othello - Swords of Chaos - Archery - BLOX! - Galactic Empire -Mage Connection

also running the following MUDS (Muli-Users Dungeons)
Shadow Storm - Awake Shadow Run - Ground Zero II - Star Wars MUD - Lumibari based off Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 rule set - Hack and Slash and DOS BBS Doors Server with (BRE, Pimp Wars, SRE etc).

I will added more Doors and Register the rest of the doors at later time

Feedback or requests are welcome by email sysop@demonsnet.com or message to Demonic on the BBS and will also update the webpage at later date with more features.

You Can download the BBS Telnet Client here -----> Download and add the host bbs.demonsnet.com port 23 or connect with the link bellow